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Motor Yachts by Fountaine Pajot 

Motor Yachts’s range of power catamarans represents the pinnacle of boating excellence, combining outstanding offshore performance, cutting-edge technology and exceptional fuel consumption rates.

Designed by the renowned team of architects, Joubert Nivelt, Motor Yachts have capably taken on the world’s toughest waters with more than 200 vessels delivered. These owners have conquered the English Channel, North Sea, Bay of Biscay, Golf Stream, trade routes plus the Indian and Southern oceans in the last ten years.

All Motor Yachts have been designed with standard features across the range that maximise performance, comfort and safety.

1. Low fuel consumption

Motor Yachts’ outstandingly low fuel consumption is a primary attraction for many buyers who recognise the savings represented by the vessels’ long range.  Motor Yachts offer a minimum of 40 percent reduction in fuel consumption when compared to the performance of a similarly-sized monohull. 

The reduced drag created by the two hulls plus the efficient wave-piercing action contributes to greatly reduced rates of consumption, and extended range – up to one thousand miles with standard fuel tanks for the whole Motor Yachts range.

2. Exceptional performance, stability and comfort 

 Motor Yachts are renowned for their superior performance in challenging conditions, while maintaining excellent stability and comfort while underway.  Higher speeds are achievable in tough conditions due to Motor Yachts’ semi-displacement hull design. More of the hull remains in the water at higher speeds, softening the ride and reducing stress on the hull from wave impact.

Motor Yachts offer generous freeboard with reinforced hulls and bows to handle the toughest offshore conditions. The hull design offers an impressively dry deck at sea and a stable ride with minimal bounce and roll in dangerous and uncomfortable conditions. 

Unlike many of its competitors, Motor Yachts are pleasantly quiet, with engines housed with their own dedicated access.


Protection and visibility

Each of the Motor Yachts models enjoys excellent protection from the natural elements. The 360 degree vision from the flybridge is also complemented by panoramic views from the interior cockpit, creating a light, ambient and safe experience particularly during extended passages.

Ergonomic and safe design 

All of Motor Yachts’ deck surfaces have been designed to be kept clear of obstructions, creating the safest environment for both cruising and relaxing at anchor. From boarding on the float-through transom, moving into the spacious and ergonomic cockpit, on to the square and the foredeck, moving about a Motor Yachts Catamaran is a safe and easy experience. The boats are also equipped with superior quality steel stanchions and belting, providing optimal security for moving about on deck.


3. Safety

Unsinkability and beachability

Motor Yachts have been designed to sit on their hulls without any damage to her propellers, shafts and rudders due to fixed skegs. These skegs are also designed to protect the propellers, shafts and rudders and preserve the safety of the vessel in the event of an impact at sea. Twin engines in separate hulls offer peace of mind in the event of a hull taking on water due to grounding or a collision. This is a feature not possible in a monohull without major engineering works.

4. Innovative, Spacious and Thoughtful Designs 

Separation of living areas
Each Motor Yachts Catamaran has been designed to separate the social and private areas for optimal space and serenity. Socialising and entertaining can be enjoyed in the spacious saloon and galley, which feature panoramic views, quality furnishings, abundant storage and easy integration of lounge and cockpit areas.  The main decks are designed on one level so no steps up or down are required for entry from the cockpit
to the main saloon. 

Tranquil and private cabins

Cabins for the owner and crew are very private due to the twin hulls, with no single bulkheads required between the cabins. Fore and aft cabin arrangements can offer true three or four double cabin versions without compromising space and storage. On every model, the cabins enjoy generous dimensions, great headroom, wide passageways, and are situated well away from the engine rooms, ensuring they are quiet and fume-free retreats. The cabins feature excellent ventilation systems and natural lighting, courtesy of the generous portholes. There is also spacious access to the large beds with the benefits of ensuite bathrooms.


Maestro version

Offering the ultimate in privacy for both owners and guests, the Maestro version is offered on all models in the Motor Yachts range. This design, which dedicates an entire hull for Owner’s private use, is the result of extensive research and development in conjunction with consultants, architects and manufacturers.


Unlike many catamarans, Motor Yachts’ corridors have been designed to maximise width and height in the interior passageways, and stair dimensions have also been set at a safe and comfortable level to suit both adults and children.

5. Manufactured to highest standards

Double drive
Motor Yachts’ twin engines provide yet another important guarantee of safety. Each is completely independent of each other with its own electrical circuit and fuel tank. In case of the failure of one circuit, the boat can continue utilising the other engine.With the engines and transmissions located well away from the living areas, cruising is a comfortable and quiet experience with no exposure to engine odours. Maintenance is also easy with convenient access. 


Infusion process – technological excellence
All Motor Yachts are manufactured using a technologically-advanced infusion process. Every structure is topped with layers of tissue stuck to dry. The vacuum then ensures the resin is infused to all voids in a single pass.  The numerous advantages of this process include:  
*  Each composite is perfectly homogeneous;
 * Environmentally-friendly, taking into consideration future regulation on use of solvents;
* Employee working conditions are improved;
* Increased productivity ensuring adherence to rate of one boat per week per series;

* A noticeable gain in terms of weight compared to the manual infiltration process.
This manufacturing process exceeds the industry’s standards of quality and traceability required for each boat production.


Production controls 

Motor Yachts are build in accordance with the controls of ISO 9001 V2000. The hardness of the composite is measured on each element after a stripping process by Barcol, and an oven is used to check samples of each vessel’s gel coat and laminate resistance to hydrolysis. The wear-resistance and weatherproof of ceiling and floor glue is also tested.
Once completed, the boat goes into a dedicated studio to undergo swimming pool inspections and tests. At this stage, every piece of equipment is tested and a sprinkler system verifies the entire vessel’s watertightness.


Motor Yachts’ technical team maintains a comprehensive file on every individual vessel, enabling them to provide individualised service with personalised information on every product, part, reference and process used. The exact plans for specific parts and samples of composites are also archived for future reference. Traceability is paramount to providing efficient future maintenance, and controls are in place at every stage of production to ensure compliance.

Perfectly manufactured, equipped and tested, Motor Yachts are then ready to sail. Hundreds of Motor Yachts have ably conquered the world’s toughest waters, proving the quality  of their production, design and seaworthiness.

6. Certifications
All Motor Yachts are certified "EC type according to the European Directive 94/25, and they also all possess a Certificate CE.

Certification 9001 V2000
Fountaine Pajot is the first French shipyard to have obtained ISO 9001 version 2000 for the entire production cycle of its vessels. This certification is an international standard which aims to ensure optimal production quality and increase customer satisfaction by insisting on consistent upgrades to production and management processes.

7. The Security of Reputation
The Fountaine Pajot shipyard was established in 1976, and is still run by the same successful team after more than 30 years.  Fountaine Pajot is publicly listed on NYSE EURONEXT Alternex Market, and is the world’s leading manufacturer of cruising catamarans.  To date, Fountaine Pajot has built more than 2,050 power and sail cruising catamarans which are now sailing on oceans and waterways throughout the entire world.