The Greenline Hybrid Concept

from Greenline Web Site


Greenline is about the ENVIRONMENT.

We want to keep our most beautiful boating spots in the same pristine condition as when we first discovered them. We want to enjoy the untouched beauties of the boat-ing world for years to come and pass them onto our children and grandchildren.

Greenline Hybrid is a powerful answer to this concern as it uses up to four times less fossil fuel than a planing powerboat in similar conditions, and it is completely emission-free in electric mode. The hybrid (diesel-electric) and solar powered drive systems have proven themselves both reliable and cost effective – enabling the birth of Greenline 33, the world’s first production hybrid and solar powered boat.


Greenline Hybrid is about EFFICIENCY.

In the modern age, efficiency is all important. Efficiency in how we use energy (especially energy derived from fossil fuels), important natural resources and our financial assets. That is why we invented the protected Superdisplacement low-drag hull, which, although it is not designed for fast planing speeds, it uses much less energy to move through the water.

Not only does this innovation reduce fuel consumption, it also allows efficient electric propulsion using power supplied by the battery and solar power. Designed and built by people who know more about volume boat manufacture than anybody else in the world, Greenline Hybrid is more cost-effective to buy and use than any comparable boat, thereby offering incredible value for money.

Whether Hybrid-ready or Hybrid it’s all about efficiency and fuel saving.


Greenline Hybrid is about YOU.

When designing and building this yacht, maximizing your well-being on board and your enjoyment during a relaxing cruise were our main objectives.

We appreciate and share your passion for boating. Not only do all Greenline Hybrid yachts deliver more comfort, greater ease of han-dling and more fun than any other boat in its class, this outstanding design adds a new dimension: it allows you to savour the quietness of the water as you would on a sailing yacht without polluting your surroundings or the environment with smoke, noise or waves. Greenline Hybrid will take you to any of your favourite cruising spots - regardless of whether they are inland waterways, lakes, inshore waters or offshore islands - in complete comfort and safety.